Physiology of Cognitive Functions (Gregoriou Lab)

Research in our lab focuses on the neural mechanisms of perceptual and cognitive functions. Current research in the lab aims to elucidate how spatial and feature attention modulates activity of single neurons and neuronal ensembles across a distributed network of cortical brain areas. We are particularly interested in the way the temporal structure of neuronal activity contributes to the formation of functional networks according to behavioral demands and its role in long-range communication among selected neuronal populations.

Latest News

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June 2020
Our MSCA ITN project on Intra- and Inter-Areal Communication in Brain Networks was selected for funding and will start in 2021. The consortium is coordinated by Bjorg Kilavik and Thomas Brochier at the Institut de Neurosciences de la Timone, Aix Marseille Universite.

November 2019
Our project on fronto-parietal translaminar dynamics that was submitted together with Tomas Brochier, Bjorg Kilavik at CNRS and Sacha van Albada in Juelich was selected for funding in the FLAG-ERA JTC2019 subcall Human Brain Project– Basic & Applied Research and Innovation.

October 2019
Our project on neuronal interactions and network dynamics in cognition was funded by HFRI (ELIDEK) (1st call for research projects to support University Faculty and Researchers) and was ranked first in Category I (Assistant Professor level or equivalent).

October 2019
Sophie presented a poster at the Hellenic Society for Neuroscience meeting and was awarded a travel grant to present her work at the 2020 FENS meeting in Glasgow (

July 2019
Sophie was awarded a competitive Manassaki graduate scholarship from the Medical School of the University of Crete

June 2019
Panos was awarded an HFRI (ELIDEK) grant for postdoctoral researchers to pursue research on decoding cognitive information from neuronal population activity patterns and developing a cognitive BMI.